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      • Title ellipsis
        Title ellipsis

        Modern fashion

        The work will be typical features through artistic treatment, the use of lampshade design, bold use of grinding texture of the outer wall, the inner wall of the use of milky white smooth material, modern fashion, but also optimistic humor fun.
      • GE Edison lighting
        GE Edison lighting

        If Contest Design winning works

        The award is regularly selected by mdash, & mdash, the oldest industrial design organization in germany, and the Hanover industrial design forum. Lighting is also one of the major categories in the IF design award.
      • Wings of angels
        Wings of angels

        Ingenious structural design

        The work is feathered streamlined modeling, clever structural design, full consideration of glare control lamps, light from the interstice of the two-layer acrylic patches, giving a comfortable visual feel
      • Phantom series
        Phantom series

        This exceptional luminaire is suspended

        Designers will switch and lamp pole into one, so that the function and shape of harmony, so that the overall shape on the basis of ensuring beauty without a trace of redundancy, but also bring interesting interactive experience.
      • THEA custom Limited Limited deep space black table lamp
        THEA custom Limited Limited deep space black table lamp

        High end lamp brand

        Pure dress, more happiness. & rdquo; is always uphold the concept of the pursuit of pure beauty, giving every detail of the ritual.
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